About 1Eighty Design

We're a small company but we deliver big results

We are are a small but effective company that enjoys working with our clients. We strive to try new things and love to incorporate different ideas into our projects. Satisfying our clients is our #1 goal so that means they are our clients for life. After a project is completed we keep working with our clients to make sure their projects are working for them as good today as they were when they were released. If you would like to be a client of ours, please contact us with your ideas!

Why should you work with us?

Here are some of the reasons why you should work with us and why many others already have.

  • We create clean projects
  • We listen to you
  • We like to try new things
  • We've got 10 years of experience

History of 1Eighty Design

1Eighty Design was actually started almost 10 years ago, not under the name of 1Eighty Design but as a freelance designer, Kevin Hamstra, who wanted to become an official company. In 2005 he established the LLC called Hamstra Media. The name was ok but it really didn't say what we did as a company. We wanted to go in a new direction with the company and also start offering print design along with web site design.

We went through many different names and finally came up with 1Eighty Design. We thought the name was perfect. Our client's web sites would "pull a 180" after we took them from an outdated, non-functional site to a sleek new site. Hence the name and slogan: 1Eighty Design - Let us turn your image around!

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Our Clients Say:

It has indeed been a blessing to work with 1Eighty Design.

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