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Thursday, October 4, 2012

1Eighty Design Promotions Website

Are you interested in getting your business name out in creative ways?

We’re always looking for creative ways to advertise — some things work, some don’t — but we always try to do things that show the type of work we’re capable of. Right now Facebook is huge with over a billion active users. At it’s core is the Social Graph which is the people and connections they have. Facebook provides an extension of the Social Graph called Open Graph that can be utilized by third-party websites and pages.

We wanted to develop a website that used the Open Graph to log in users using their Facebook credentials and then share their action on Facebook. It’s difficult to get people to use apps and websites that don’t offer a benefit so we decided to create a promotions website where we can give things away!

The idea is that people can enter by visiting our promotions website, viewing our Facebook Page to use the promotions app or scan the QR code on our marketing materials (shirts, hoodies, brochures, banners, etc). The first time entering they will need to approve the app and decide if they want the app to post to Facebook on their behalf each time they enter. The great thing about sharing on Facebook is the potential to go viral — each time someone enters all of their friends will see the current promotion and possibly enter themselves!

Would you like to get involved?

We’re looking for businesses in Kosciusko County that would like to try something new. If you have a promotion you’d like to run feel free to contact us with your idea!

What do you get?

  • The main graphic on the promotions website with your information
  • A link to your website and/or Facebook Page
  • The square icon next to shares on Facebook along with 1Eighty Design’s logo
  • Name in the Promotion Link on Facebook each time its shared

Ideas for promotions

The length of the promotion would depend on the value of what you wanted to give away. Something valued at $100 or more could be 3 or 4 weeks. Something around $25 could be a week or two.

  • Items you sell
  • Gift Cards
  • Free Services
  • Percent off vouchers

How it Looks on Facebook When Shared

When someone enters the promotion and has approved the app to publish on their behalf this is how it will appear on Facebook. We cannot publish to Facebook unless they approve and will only publish when they take the action of entering.

We wanted to be able to customize the stories generated when a user entered the promotion. We didn’t want someone to simply like the website: “Joe Smith liked 1Eighty Design Promotions”. We created a custom action that allowed us to define how it appeared on Timelines, the Ticker and in News Feeds: “Joe Smith entered a promotion on 1Eighty Design Promotions”. You can create any action and object with Facebook you want but they must approve it.


The Ticker is the real time updates happening on Facebook shown on the top right of the website.


When viewing someone’s Timeline you will see a grouping of the each time they entered that shows how they entered and the number of times they entered the current promotion.  This grouping will show the 5 most recent times they entered preventing the users Timeline from being dominated by their shares.

News Feed

Each time the user enters the following will be shown in their friends’ News Feed.

iPhone Facebook App

The information is even shown in the Facebook Apps where a friend can easily click the link and enter themselves.

Your Project!

Do you have an idea for a Facebook App or a website that can utilize the Open Graph?  We would love to see how we can help.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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