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Want to update your own site without paying fees for every change? We can design your site for easy updates with our Content Management System. Using your web browser; you would make updates via simple-to-use forms. If you decide to use this process, two websites are developed. One site is for visitors. The other site is password protected - this is where you complete your updates.

What does this mean for you? Money in the bank. No more update fees; you will easily change or update your website from any computer at any time. You are not limited to the number of changes; you simply log in and make the changes. It is easy to do and the changes are posted immediately on the web.

A database driven site can also lead to more visitors to your website. An updated website is an appealing website - your customers will keep coming back to see what's new, and better yet, they will tell their friends about the useful site they found.

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Thanks 1Eighty Design, for your fabulous web design, patience, guidance and knowledge.

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