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Clients hire us to create something different!

1Eighty Design offers a full range of web design services. From small upgrades to SEO to new website design we can help your business grow. We recognize that every business is unique and has specific needs for optimal Internet presence. Not everyone loves technology so we take the time to support each client in the way that works best. Our team can start with your most basic ideas to create and launch a new website or simply create fresh content for SEO optimization.

  • Web Design

    We understand the power of creative Web Design!

    1Eighty Design creates and builds web pages from the ground up. No template shortcuts are used which is step one in setting your webpage apart from outdated, clunky web designs. We understand the role of colors, white space, scrolling pictures and text for creating the best first impression. We love the challenge of combining creativity and artistic design to bring life to your brand and business mission. Not everyone loves technology, so we take the time to support each client in the way that works best.

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  • Content and Copywriting

    The right words really do matter!

    Content and Copywriting are often very crucial in putting your website and blog information together. Most people can write well. Many people can tell a story. Few people can find the time to describe their business story in short, concise sentences filled with keywords to help search engines find them. This process defines the job of a Content Writer.

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  • Search Engine Optimization

    Keywords and Algorithms Oh My!

    If your webpage exists to help customers find your services, then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial to that process. SEO is “ranking” your website by matching relevance to an Internet search. You really want your web page to show up on that front page ahead of your competitors. You definitely don’t want to be on the second page where neglected web pages go to die.

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