Content and Copywriting

Words. Words. Words.

Content and Copywriting are often very crucial in putting your website and blog information together. Most people can write well. Many people can tell a story. Few people can find the time to describe their business story in short, concise sentences filled with keywords to help search engines find them. This process defines the job of a Content Writer.

Do you currently have a website or blog that looks great but your copy is not actually selling your product or service?  A good content writer will use simple phrases and words to target your potential customers. Internet searching involves rapid scanning rather than actual reading, so less is more when sharing your information.  Content writing must match the tone, mood, and sitemap the web designer has created.

The right words really do matter!

What We Offer

The use of a questionnaire or phone call/email may be used to confirm new and essential details. Your contact information and product items will be checked and re-checked. If you are using SEO services, a sitemap will direct the use of specific keywords to be sure those unrelenting search engines find your website.

Blog writing should reflect the “voice” of the webpage.

Your ideas and style can be applied to make sharing information about your business very personal. In the case of technical websites, the content can sound personable or very factual and straightforward.

1Eighty Design offers flexibility when choosing how much or how little content writing you will need to bring your new website to life.

Without fail, content is the most common roadblock to launching your new design.

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