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First Impressions Matter

1Eighty Design creates and builds web pages from the ground up. No template shortcuts are used which is step one in setting your webpage apart from outdated, clunky web designs. We understand the role of colors, white space, scrolling pictures and text for creating the best first impression. We love the challenge of combining creativity and artistic design to bring life to your brand and business mission. Not everyone loves technology, so we take the time to support each client in the way that works best.

Our mission is to connect your strong and effective visual message with new customers. How your web page looks is a powerful component for website success. Concisely written content and keyword placement to get those search engines to find you are also significant additions to building a successful web campaign.

We understand the power of creative Web Design!

Our Process

Creating a new website takes time and patience.  Our first discussion will start the process by answering your questions and identifying the scope of your actual project. Typical features we need to define include:

We base your plan on the number of features you need rather than the number of total pages on your website.  We will discuss content and SEO needs. From there we will develop a plan and budget.

Our team will gather your stories and information to create engaging and relevant details to bring your webpage to life.  Expect questionnaires or phone/ email conversations to confirm all of your details are correct. Finally, we will create the look of your website based on the look of your logo, colors, and fonts. When all parties are happy with the design, we will begin to program your website to meet all of the goals as planned.

After the site is programmed, the content will be added to the website. Depending on the agreement we will either create the content or train you to add your own.

None of this happens overnight!  Our goal is to develop and present a perfectly functional website from the first conversation to actual launch!

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